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School Mission Statement

Every school is based upon a specific system of belief, whether it is governed and guided by the government, a private board or society, or a church. HPCS is no different. It is based upon the Word of God as that Word is summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Consequently, the Word of God gives shape to the purpose and direction of the school.

The Word of God devolves to parents the primary responsibility for the training and education of their children. In accordance with that divine mandate, Christian parents and fellow believers have established HPCS in order that they may educate their children in a Christian environment and in the nurture and fear of the Lord. Students at HPCS will receive a Christ-centred education based on the Word of God. Our mission is that our covenant children might know God and view the whole of life through the spectacles of faith in Jesus Christ.

The education provided at HPCS which will be of the highest quality will be taught by godly, Reformed teachers in a community of mutual endeavour and co-operation with parents and students.

This will be accomplished through instruction in all aspects of God's creation in light of the revelation of the Word of God. In that way, the children educated at HPCS will grow and develop spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically so that they are able to live in the world as faithful responsible servants of God, to the end that God is glorified.

In summary the mission of the HPCS is to provide an education of the highest quality:

Here at HPCS, we believe:

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

That all students demonstrate a commitment to a life of service to their Creator.

Objective 2

The creation of healthy relationships among parents, their school and their community by appropriate participation, communication and evaluation.

Objective 3

The provision of an education that is contemporary, relevant and continuously improving.

Objective 4

The preparation of graduates to pursue a vocation to which they consider themselves to be called by God.

Objective 5

To prepare students to live and work for Christ sensitively, responsibly, and effectively in our society.

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Herrick School seeks to provide the best in Covenant Christian education. We strive continually to nurture the development of the whole child consistent with the Word of God.

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