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Annual Report for 2014

This report has been prepared in response to the Australian Government requirements that schools report on specific issues to their stakeholders on an annual basis.

Welcome to the Herrick Presbyterian Covenant School Annual Report for 2014. The report provides a brief summary of relevant information to parents and the wider school community. As the Principal of the school I am thankful to God for the progress we have made in aligning our curriculum with the new Australian Curriculum whilst maintaining Christ-centred, relevant learning programs. We look to Him for the grace and the desire to honestly appraise and evaluate what we are doing in order to continually improve.

School Profile

Herrick Presbyterian Covenant School (HPCS) was established by Christian parents and fellow believers connected with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia Winnaleah congregation, in order that they may educate their children in a Christian environment and in the nurture and fear of the Lord, as is their God given responsibility.

The school was registered in 2002 and since that time has been providing education for male and female students in years 1- 10.

HPCS seeks to provide the best possible education through a course of learning which is founded in the Word of God, aligned with the national statements of learning and presented in a way that provides maximum opportunity for all students, through a variety of teaching strategies and activities which match the various learning styles and abilities.

In 2014 the full enrolment was 5 students - 3 in the primary school and 2 in the high school.

Staff Attendance

The average attendance rate or average number of days attended per staff member.

Teaching Staff 100%
Support Staff 100%
Staff Retention
The proportion of teaching staff retained at HPCS from the previous year
Total teaching staff 2014 2
Teaching staff retained from previous year 2
New teaching staff this year 0
Staff retention rate 100%
Teacher Qualifications

The teachers at HPCS meet the professional requirements to teach in Tasmania and are registered with the Teachers Registration Board Tasmania. Our two current teachers’ qualifications are as follows:

Mr John Torlach: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education
Mr Alex Carins: Bachelor of Applied Science, Diploma in Education

Expenditure and Participation in Professional Learning

The involvement of teaching staff in professional development activities during 2014 was 100%.

Mr Torlach was able to attend a number of professional learning sessions including: 1. Leading Learning: Responding to Diversity; 2. Compliance Training - Nationally Consistent Collection of Data: School Students with Disability; 3. Tips and Tricks to Get You Ready for the Australian Curriculum - Move Well Eat Well; 4. Asthma First Aid Training; and 5. St Johns Emergency First Aid

Mr Carins was also able to attend 1. Leading Learning: Responding to Diversity and 2. Spelling Strategies.

These Professional Learning opportunities were provided without charge or paid for by Independent Schools Tasmania. Professional learning is vital to ensure that all staff members are best able to cater for all students at HPCS. To this end efforts are continually being made to maintain if not increase the amount of professional development opportunities for the teachers.

Student Attendance

The average attendance rate in 2014 was 97%.

Proportions of Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students meeting the national minimum standard in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy.

In May, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across Australia participated in NAPLAN (National Assessment Literacy and Numeracy) which assessed their performance in literacy and numeracy. All students across Australia did the same tests on the same days.

Students were tested in numeracy, reading, writing and language conventions which included spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The national tests provide information on how students are progressing against national benchmarks (minimum standards) and support improvements in teaching and learning.

The tests were independently assessed and results returned to the school and parents in Term 3.

A key component of each test is the ‘minimum standard’, an assessment point considered the minimum requirement for that year group. The report to parents indicates their child’s performance in relation to that benchmark. It must be remembered that this assessment is only one piece of data that informs parents and the school of the child’s achievement at school.

Usually a table showing the results of our students is provided but due to privacy laws and the fact that only one student sat NAPLAN last year we cannot publish the results.

Value Adding

The following is a list of some of the ‘extra’ things we did which added value to the education that our students received.
In 2014 some of the ‘extras’ included:

Post-School Destinations

There were no year 10 students enrolled in 2014 and therefore no graduates.

Levels Of Satisfaction

Due to the small nature of our school and very close contact between school and all homes, no formal surveys were conducted in 2014. Various issues were canvassed however and the school board continues to address the various matters that are current on the school's strategic plan.

Annual Report
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Herrick School seeks to provide the best in Covenant Christian education. We strive continually to nurture the development of the whole child consistent with the Word of God.

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